The Fox

Spring 2010 

This past spring, a lovely female Fox showed up in my backyard.  She wasn’t the usual type of animal visitor I normally encountered living in the village limits.  I was used to a myriad of wild birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and stray cats.  I was in the habit of feeding the wild animals and from the daily attendance in the backyard feeders; I was doing a pretty good job.  She visited the big ground feeder in the back near the area I leave wild so the animals and the Fairy Realm will have a natural place to live.  She came every day.  One day in May during the time when the purple and white wildflowers were in bloom, I photographed her.   My heart went out to her, and to my surprise she sent hers back!  I was covered with her energy.   I felt it in every aspect of my being.  What a wonderful experience I thought.   I continued to connect with her energy and she told me she had heard about the “sanctuary” and came to see it.  She recognized me as the spirit of the Shaman energy.  It was time for the reunion she told me.  It was the reunion between me and the Fox people energy.  Having a great grandfather on my father’s side born to the Chippewa Nation, I knew of my Native-American heritage.  I had always been drawn to their culture and the ways of the Shamans.  Upon further research, I found that the place where I lived was Fox tribal land at one time.  The beautiful Fox continued to visit my backyard every day and we continued to connect to each other.  A few days after the first connection, she brought with her 3 Native-American Spirits.  The first was a strong Chief energy named Standing Fox.  He was tall and lean.  He was clad in scant buck skins, a full Eagle feathered head dress, and his ornately beaded chest necklaces were in the colors of black, yellow, red and white. These are the colors of the four directions.  This meant he was a powerful Chief and Medicine Man and had the ability to shape-shift.  The second was an old, weathered woman wearing a full-length cloak of black crow feathers.  She was called Black Crow Grandmother and is a powerful Shaman healer.  The third Spirit came in on a silvery beam of light.  She was a beautiful young woman.  She was totally dressed in white skins with a head dressing and cape of a White Buffalo head and fur.  She is the Great White Spirit and represents the return of the Native–American people and a reclaiming of their powerful energy.  I was in awe.  The strength and quality of the energy was so overwhelming my entire body was vibrating.  I have never been the same.  I am continually knocked off my chair when this powerful energy comes in though me for a client of mine and gives them a phenomenal life healing experience.  My little Fox in the backyard that brought all of this to me gave birth to two pups.  The three of them ran and played in the yard for a few weeks more.  The other wildlife in the yard did not seem to mind their presence.  We were all living in harmony.  She took her babies and left near summer’s end.  The ground cover was dying back and it was no longer a suitable place to raise her young.  The day she left, she came out of the wild area to eat as usual.  I was watching from the window as usual.  She never seemed to mind me watching.  She looked at me with a very long look, turned and was gone. I haven’t seen her since.  Her presence is always with me.  I can feel her energy any time I want t and it has changed my life forever.  We will see how the Native-American energies in my life transform and take shape over time.  I am so grateful and humbled because of their presence.