• I highly recommend Robin as both a healer and a reader. Her reading and clairvoyance skills are particularly impressive. A few months ago, I asked Robin about dates for a possible move and she saw a much later date than I had in mind. I asked her why the later date and she described a situation in my life, that she had no background knowledge of, with precision and detail. She also described a dynamic between myself and another person and every detail about this person, including their age. At first I was skeptical, because I was set on a very different timetable for my move. Over the following two months, however, the situation began to unfold exactly as she said and my dates were delayed, exactly as she described. Very powerful vision skills and with insight too. Her insights clearly come from pure levels of consciousness beyond herself alone. Readers that can work at Soul level and with accuracy of vision are few and far between and are a very valuable resource. Robin has proved without doubt to be one of such seers/readers.

Katie Gallanti, MS, MA, 

  • I found Robin through a couple who were extremely reactive to each other's issues. After a session with Robin, their reactivity decreased dramatically. I decided to have a session myself, and had the same result with my partner. Problems that would have led to intense fights, even break-ups, have been resolved in minutes since my session. I highly recommend Robin's work!

Reverend Lorri Coburn, MSW, Ann Arbor, MI


  • Robin, you are an amazing healer! Thank you for being so committed to helping others and for all your time and effort in developing your skills and knowledge. You provided me with such a deep and profound healing which I am forever grateful for. I now have hope that the major issues in my life I've been dealing with are now resolved.

Thank you again. Nikki Gross Napa, CA  


  • Robin is an incredibly talented Psychic Medium!  I was impressed at how easily she was able to connect with 3 of my family members who have passed away.  She described each one in detail; her accuracy was mind blowing!  I also spoke to her about some of my health concerns and she gave me some very useful tools/insights on how to work towards my personal health goals.  Robin's energy is endearing and compassionate, because of this she is easy to converse with.  I definitely recommend having a reading with Robin and experiencing this for yourself!  Thank you again Robin for all of your intuitive guidance and messages!  Many Blessings.

Nicole M Ferguson, Lawton OK  


  •  Dear Robin, I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful gifts of healing. You have helped me on many occasions. Your healings have always been very helpful, but this new healing that you do is even more amazing. I am still shocked at how much it helped me. Thank you again. I look forward to our next session and many blessings to you and your family. You truly are a gift. 

Love and Light, 

Judi R, Yale, MI


  • I saw Robin because I had dry eyes since June 19, 2006.  The eye doctor put me on several prescription eye drops which didn’t help.  Robin worked on my eyes without touching me and said they should get better.  I no longer have dry eyes.  Robin said my knees bothered me, and they had bothered me for 20 years.  She worked on them and now they are fine, no more pain.  Before I saw Robin, I had been going to an Ear, Nose Throat doctor and he had me get an MRI because of constant sinus drainage and infections.  The doctor said everything was normal and could find nothing wrong, but I still had the drainage.   Robin worked on me, without touching me, and looked at me and smiled.  She said you have a wheat allergy.  Since then, I have eliminated wheat from my diet and have no more drainage.  I had a burnt esophagus at the valve called the lower esophageal sphincter where the food goes into my stomach, which was damaged from acid reflux.  She was able to repair that also.  I would recommend Robin to anyone and everyone for her wonderful healing abilities.

Larry H. – Oil City, LA


  • I saw Robin during the summer because I was in an accident and couldn’t get past it.  I was a nervous wreck when riding in an automobile.  Robin was able to get rid of all my anxiousness and now I don’t have any problems riding or driving in an automobile.  She was also able to help me with my bowel and bladder problems and to be able to move past traumas that happened in my youth.  I can laugh now because I can also put a worm on my own hook when I go fishing.  Robin has been such a blessing in my life.  I recommend Robin to anyone and everyone for her wonderful healing abilities.

Karen H. – Oil City, La


  • To Everyone, 

I met Robin about 2 years ago for a reading and I have never been the same person since that visit!!!! I was convinced that she was "the real thing" within 1 minute of walking in the door!!!! Not only did I feel an insist connection, but I felt such warmth and comfort when she greeted me – just as if we knew each other forever!!! 

I never said a word the first 10 minutes of sitting down with her, because my mouth was frozen listening to all she had to say that no one could have ever known besides my husband!!! She said that I had lost a child last year (miscarriage) and that I knew it was a girl but never gave her a name!!! Robin also told me that I went 4 months long, but because of a brain tumor my body could not carry the child!!! – EVERYTHING SHE SAID WAS TRUE – how could someone know so much of me, and all the little details?? – Really???? I was there for an hour and a half and left a completely different person.

 Another time that hit me like a ton of bricks is when my grandmother passed away - whom I was very close too. Not only did she say my grandmother was there – in the room with us – but she said my grandmother wanted me to dig up her pink rose bushes and take them to my house. She said my father (who lives next door to my grandmother house) will not care of them!!!! Oh My Gosh – who would know that my father lived next door – Plus that my grandmother has 2 really old rose bushes that are pink!!! The roses bushes where very special to my grandmother, and no one could ever come up with this info on their own without some connection with the "spiritual world". I look at death so differently now.

 My life has changed forever because of Robin – I thank God every day for the life that he has chosen for me, and the people in my life. I believe that people come into your life for a reason – And as for meeting Robin – she inspires me to be the best that I can be to myself and to others, I am very blessed to have met her and will continue to see her for readings and spiritual classes. 

Smiles and God bless

Margaret Ann − Jeddo − Michigan


  • I had been challenged with aspects of my business for years. I loved my work but not my business, and had tried many ways to overcome the frustrations and deadlocks. Robin suggested a group of sessions with a single focus: uncover and remove blocks I had to running a business.

          We did 4 sessions, each had a completely different quality to it while always staying laser focused on the set intention. I         could tell things were changing for me over the days between sessions, and by the time we finished I knew I had shifted away from the various excuses, blocks and fears that kept me from having the business experience I longed for.  

       I waited about 2 months to write this testimonial to see what happened.

      It is remarkable to me that I have the same full life, but I am able to accomplish so much more.  I am now building a practice in a natural way, meeting new people, offering my services to a wider audience, writing a book, creating content for my website and social media, and in general having a flow to my business that supports me and the work I have always loved. Now my business feels like my best friend!

     Robin’s work is very impressive with her uncanny psychic insight, but what is most important is the real changes long after the sessions are finished.  I highly recommend Robin Gamache and Essential Soul Healing for anyone trying to break through a deadlock area of their life.  She will help you be a much better you.

Donna Nelson



  • I know that Robin always had that special talent that was given to her at childbirth."

                   Elmer Graff 


  • I've been working with Robin for several years now. Since I met her I've had several readings and clearings that have all helped lead me down the path of self discovery, both mental and emotional healing, and wholeheartedly assisted in my journey of establishing self purpose. Robin is a very kind, genuine soul who opens herself up to multi dimensional beings with ease and grace that only a true hearted, loving person can do. If you're looking to bring forth greater teachings and higher guidance, I highly recommend Robin for any of the services she offers. 

Catherine Nisbett, Michigan


  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for today. The family connecting with me through you was wonderful! I am still on a high thinking of the conversations.

Thanks again,
Del - New Baltimore - Michigan


  • I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time.

           You are “right on!”  I am still digesting some of the information, but am working with it.

           Just wanted to let you know that I think you are great!

          Talk with you soon,

Sheri  D~ Michigan  11-10-10