Hello, I 'm Robin .  Welcome!  I would like to share with you my unique set of abilities and gifts to assist you along your path of creating the life you truly desire and developing your own relationship to Spirit.

 What started as a person journey of self awareness emerged a deeply personal experience in learning to navigate my own life challenges, and  became a full-time professional endeavor to assist others to do the same.   I work with and channel Divine  Councils of Ascended Beings that live in the unseen worlds of the multidimensional Universe.  I became aware at a very young age that I had natural  mediumship,  emphatic and clairvoyant abilities.   Which is to say, I could see and feel the energy surrounding people.  I received many visitations from Angelic beings then and still do to this day.   In my early adult career, I embraced the hard sciences, psychology  and the business world.   While working in the medical field, I had a life changing experience.  I began to connect the dots and see the connections to physical dis-ease and the emotions.   This was the moment I decided to embrace my true self as a Soul, incarnated in a physical body, and tap into my unlimited potential.   It became my passion to understand everything I could about the nature of  energy and how it related to the physical.  Another  life changing experience with my father's death in 1996  and his subsequent visit after his passing, urged me to go within to find my higher purpose and develop my natural  intuitive and energy healing abilities.  Through the life choices I have made and  development of my psychic childhood gifts, I created my life as a multidimensional healer, professional psychic,  medium, public speaker and teacher for Spirit.  I have been bringing through spiritually guided healing  for the past 20 years.  I work with people in all stages of personal and spiritual growth.  I assist them in the process of clearing past life issues, personal energy field interference  and chakra blockages.  My mediumship  abilities connect the living with the Spirit dimensions  bringing help in the form of  healing messages to those who have lost loved ones or want a deeper connection to their own guides and angels.   Communication with them is as natural  to me as speaking to you because our lives never really end.  We pass into our natural state of being . We are all Soul eternally connected.

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings and Mediumship Readings are Soul connections to the other dimensions of life.   I bring through detailed information regarding your current life path, karma and soul contacts.   This information expands awareness about your relationships, career choices, finances and physical health.    Mediumship connections to loved ones,  guides and angels  can provide emotional healing  and undeniable validation that we are always supported by Spirit and  that our loved ones are well and safe on the other side.  

The meaning of multidimensional healing is that all dimensions of a person are healed at once ~ the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through energy clearing techniques such as Spiritual Response Therapy, Akashic Record Consulting and Clairvoyant Energy Readings  a healing space is created so that a conscious awareness  of and energetic release of repetitive  and  discordant  belief patterns negatively impacting spiritual awareness and growth can take place to achieve healing.

 In SRT  we access data input (programming) from  past lives or present life, and all of  the emotions attached to those experiences  that is stored in the subconscious.   Clearing the subconscious of all of the outdated and unnecessary  programming, and the emotional charge on that program, leaves an individual free of past conditioning to make new choices that may not have been perceived or understood by them before.  Past lifetimes can also  be integrated  into the conscious awareness at this point, by bringing to light lessons learned in a past lifetime, releasing others attached to the past life for their own healing or for bringing in  awareness of one's own spiritual gifts originating in a past-lifetime creating lasting change and renewed life purpose for the individual.  

 Energy reading and clearing releases blockages of all kinds held deep in the Chakra system and disruptions in the individual's energy field (aura).   Releasing this energy clears the way for building a bridge of Light upward creating  expanded awareness and deep connection to the Creator energy or Mind of God.   

 As a teacher for Spirit, classes are directed by my Guidance Councils.  They teach exactly what  the group needs to experience and how to connect with their own Spiritual Guides in that moment.  Each person is assisted individually within the group to open their unique gifts and connections to multidimensional levels.  This is an ongoing class that builds one upon the other.  Current happenings on the world stage, the cosmos and spiritual realms are discussed.  We work with planetary healing processes also.  It is always fun and informative and a lot of healing occurs across the board.   


Ever expanding love and light,