spiritual response therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy is a healing technique that works on the three levels of consciousness.  The conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the super consciousness.  This session removes subconscious programming, emotional issues and patterns accumulated in your present-life, as well as important past-lives, that are interfering with achieving your goals of  inner peace, harmony, happiness, health and success.   SRT clears and dissolves present-life or ancestral programming , discordant emotional energies and spiritual blocks in the three levels to enable you to experience lasting change  in all areas of your life.

  The Conscious Mind is the programmer of your life and works through the five senses.  It is objective in nature, discriminates, determines and is ever changing, growing and learning. It has language , no recall and very little memory  The Subconscious Mind is subjective in nature.  It records and plays back everything that is experienced through the five senses of the conscious mind.   It is the seat of the emotions; it never sleeps, it needs love and affection, laughs, cries, has body language, cannot think, controls involuntary body functions, has habits, feels pain, and has complete memory and recall of all that is experienced while you are alive.   It  channels everything it receives from the conscious mind to the High Self or Super-conscious Mind.  The Super-conscious Mind is your High Self.  It is Spirit/Source, First Cause, Primary Creator, unchanging, eternal, Holy Spirit, perfect father/mother/parent, breath and wisdom.  High Self works for our highest good.  It is the source of Truth and intuition which it expresses through thoughts, symbols, ideas,  and concepts.  The High Self is made up of a group of Souls whose main function is to guide the Soul (you) through the conscious self to the Love of the Christ self.  Its essence is joy and the happiness of Spirit expressing through you. The process of clearing with SRT brings you to an awareness of your spiritual nature and to an intimate connection to your High Self .  It is an empowering  and if often a life-changing experience.


If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, anxious or sick a program may have been triggered.  Programs start running because of four reasons.  You reach the same age that you were when the program was experienced in the past life.  You meet someone that was involved in the past life.  A geographic location or scenario reminds you of past life events.  You have found someone with the SRT tools to clear the program.  It isn't what happened to you in a past-life that is relevant.  It is the the reactive emotional energy "charge" still active in the subconscious that needs to be cleared.  This is a karmic clearing that sets up a process of healing so that your Soul is cleared of its emotional bonds and attachments to unwanted ways of being.  The Soul receives the message that you are ready to heal and evolve to a higher state of being.  This frees your Soul to expand into new, positive areas of life experience.  Many but not all past-lifetimes can be cleared with SRT.  Some require deeper clearing such as past-life regression.

SRT releases clogged energies that are causing you pain, anxiety, depression, fear, phobias, unwanted negative behaviors, relationship issues , entity attachments and more.  It is often very effective in releasing health and physical disabilities such as aiding weight loss, relief from allergies and long standing idiopathic conditions.  You will feel an immediate release of tension, and stress as if a great weight has been lifted resulting in a greater sense of calm,peacefulness and joy.

The work itself can be done in-person, over the phone, Skype, or distant healing.  This session is recorded. 

Note:  SRT does not replace regular medical treatment by a physician.