Spiritual Response Therapy 

Spiritual Response Therapy is a unique process that works on multidimensional levels to access the soul records spanning multiple lifetimes.  This session removes many emotional issues and patterns picked up in past-lives or in the present that are interfering with present life.

 It isn't what happened  in the past life that is important, but the reactive energy attached to the life that needs to be cleared.  This Karmic clearing then sets up a process from which your soul records are cleared and the soul receives the message that you are ready to heal  and evolve to a higher state of being.   This experience frees your soul  to expand into new areas of experience.  Many but not all past lives can be cleared energetically.  Some require deeper clearing such as past life regression.

Spiritual Response Therapy clearing releases blocked energies, energy attachments, anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, deep seated negative behaviors, relationship issues and more .  It is often very effective in releasing health and physical disabilities. You will feel an immediate release of tension as if a great weight has been lifted resulting in a greater sense of peacefulness. 

 The work itself can be done over the phone, in-person or distant healing.  A detailed report will be mailed to you after your distant session.  


Deep chakra clearing work is designed to open the 7 chakras in the body from base to crown and additional chakras not located within the physical body,  removing blockages and aligning them to be a free flowing column of light.  Doing so will open doors to higher energy frequencies anchoring the higher dimensional selves into the physical.  An Auric clearing will release any stuck emotions or repetitive thought patterns in the aura.  It will also clear and repair the field of openings and remove unwanted  energy,  cords to other people or places and any foreign energies that have attached to your field or chakras.  


Reiki Sessions

In this hands-on approach to healing, energy vibrations from the Chakra system within the body are cleared and aligned for an individual to  achieve greater flow of energy throughout the body.  This flow in turn begins a natural healing process that affects the body systems including organs, bone, muscle and tissue as well as clearing emotions and mental blockages to health and happiness.



Mediumship sessions will happen in a variety of ways.  The loved ones and guides either present themselves as if they are sitting beside me talking to us in pictures and thouught forms or they can speak directly through me when I allow them to access my energy field.  

Psychic Readings focus on the visual images and symbols that relate to your current situation and emotional state.  Questions are welcome.  Types of readings offered are Soul Path Readings, Life Path Readings, Relationship Readings, Health, Career and Money Readings.


Spiritual Development Classes are the 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Topics covered are varied and techniques for accessing higher dimensional vibrations are taught.  Workshops and informational lectures at various times throughout the year.

Classes are held the 2nd Tuesday evening of the month from 7 to 9 PM in Port Sanilac 

Clairvoyant Boot Camp Training began October 7th, 2014 and  is ongoing.