Divine Intervention healing Services

Divine Intervention is an ancient Shamanic  hands-on healing technique passed down through a 2000 year old unbroken lineage of master healers from South America.   Divine Intervention is the manipulation of energy throughout all levels of the body through a direct connection to Source Creator, the Earth and the person receiving the healing.  It may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that calls on the forces of heaven and nature together  creating a magnetic and energetic space for healing.   A  process known in physics as Singularity.  When this happens, anything that is  not vital to the healthy functioning energetic structure of the body falls apart and appears physically outside the body.    When the circumstances for healing are in balance, physical manifestations of the disease fall out of the body and/or spontaneous remission occurs   In DI I use sacred geometry, dimensional levels and  precise frequencies for healing while being a conduit between Source and the person receiving healing.  DI  is done in-person or remotely.  You do not have to be physically in my office to benefit from it.

Note:  This  is not intended to replace traditional healthcare and physician treatment.