Chakra & energy field reading & Repair

Deep chakra clearing work is designed to work with the  7 main energy centers i the body called chakras from the  base of your spine to the crown of your head .  The work includes the additional chakras above and below the physical body yet still inside your auric field.  The clearing  removes energy blockages,aligns the chakras and clears the aura.  You will also be connected to the earth's consciousness and consciousness of our Source in the clearing process allowing  your chakras to become a free flowing column of light in connection to All That Is.  The individual personalities and skills held within each chakra, when cleared and aligned, will then come "on-line".  Doing so will open doors to higher energy frequencies , increased clarity, and connection to your higher self.  In this process of clearing and aligning your chakras, the corresponding layers of the aura will be cleared and anchored the to the physical body bringing greater health and well being.   The aura (energy field) clearing will free stuck energies causing pain and discomfort.  It will repair the aura of openings, cracks, energy cords to people, places or things that are draining you of your precious life force.   As well as remove any foreign energies that have attached to  your field or chakras for a variety of reasons.  You will be given detailed information as the healing is happening.  

This session can be done in-person, on the phone or at a distance.