New Moon/Solar Eclipse Meditation

March 8, 2016

Profound spiritual experiences are not commonplace for most of us.  It’s more like subtle shifts upward in the vibration of the energy field (aura) or light body (the crystalline network of light emanating from your energy and soul bodies).  Small advances in awareness opening up possibilities to new ways of thinking and being.  During this particular New Moon/Solar Eclipse meditation, I was fortunate to have a profound experience.  In actuality fortunate is not the case, ready is the truth of it.  Timing is everything as they say.  In this experience, I was transported to the center of a circle of soul essences.  Some were others on earth engaged in meditation and others were ethereal beings of pure Light.  Some with identities I recognized and some not.  The certainty in my heart confirmed they were all of the light and connected to Source with me.  The intent for my meditation was to heal and clear all patterning and programming that was outdated and of no use to me any longer in my spiritual evolution.  Also to heal and repair my Divine blueprint of karmic imprints in the present and along my ancestral lines.  I asked to become the vibration of Love.  A great stream of vibrant green light poured into me which seemed like a long time from the beings that were gathered around me.  I was lifted and expanded energetically, my heart opened into unlimited space. I had reached the Stillpoint that exists during the dark of the moon and the dark of the sun new moon/solar eclipse.  I was transported into a state of being that was Love.  I felt complete in every way.  Cradled in the arms of the One Source/God, there was nothing I wanted or needed.   Enough said. Returning from this bliss state and almost back to my waking consciousness, I asked a question I had been wanting to know.  How have our chakras (the wheels of light energy within our physical/astral body) changed and evolved in the current era of human evolution on earth?  I received answers.  Beautiful imagery of the chakra structures through time.  Explanations of advancements in awareness and times of de-evolving awareness.  How that looked and what it meant.   It was magnificent.  We are magnificent.  I will write about this another time.  I was made keenly aware of the connection of purpose we all share.  We are all reconnecting with the One Source of our being and we are all going for expansion to pure Love.