Conscious Manifesting; A Written Exercise


I.  Introduction:  4 Parts to Conscious Manifesting

I'm going to provide you a written exercise in Conscious Manifestation with step by step instruction to lead you through the entire process. It is my intention for you to learn the tools you will need to manifest those things that you most desire, consciously, with focus and intent.

All of us can look back at examples in our lives of wanting something and getting it.  Sometimes we have no idea of how it came to us.   We just know that it showed up.  That is called Unconscious Manifestation and happens all the time.   We are continually using the Law of Attraction manifesting wants and needs into our lives through the power of thought.  Energy follows thought.

Through this exercise, you will learn to put your goals into words that work for you, create the desired outcome to bring it into the present moment, release obstacles to getting, and practice gratitude by giving back

Debra Katz has a wonderful resource for clarifying your goals in her book Freeing the Genie Within which I’ll be using to get us started.  

The is a lot of information out there on manifesting.  I found Debra’s information to be heart-centered, grounded and user friendly.  These techniques have worked for me personally, so it is my pleasure to give back by sharing them with you.

Let’s get started.


II.  The Steps for Manifesting

You are going to want to re-word and formulate your goals so that they match what you are really seeking.  Bottom line:  You want to understand your true goal.

I urge you to dare to think big!

1.            Goal/Wish

2.            What will this achieve?  Why do I desire this? 

3.            Reason I want to achieve what I just wrote in 2.

4.            Rewrite goal as the final goal.

5.            Specific details of the goal.

6.            Restate your wish as an intention

7.            State both the emotion you feel and the certainty, you have already manifested your goal.

Use your imagination and all your senses to really see and feel your creation.

8.             Releasing Obstacles

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you and your goal? These are the things you are going to let go of.  The things that you are looking to release could be ego thoughts of not being in control of how you get it, (trust) holding on to the past, (fear of the unknown) fears related to having it or not having it, (success or failure), doubts about deserving it (self-esteem) or that manifesting won’t work for you, (self-esteem) or anything else you can think of that needs to go.  Look at your conditioned responses to yourself. How do you talk to yourself? Relationships are a good place to look too.  They often times act as mirrors reflecting back our fears and limitations.  (My example)


9.              What are the steps you can take now to bring your desire into focus?  Both physical action and the inner work of spirit/mind.   Write these down.


Some goals are at the ripening point and manifest very quickly; others you may need to take some steps to clear the way.  If you think it’s taking too long to receive, Ask yourself;       

            Am I doing absolutely everything in my power to                     develop my talents? (training, degree, practice)

         Am I doing absolutely everything in my power to meet            the rightpeople? (getting yourself out there)

          Am I doing absolutely everything I can do to make the            goal happen? (Thinking creatively)

           Am I willing to do all the steps to get to my ultimate              goal? (Follow through)

          Are there conditions attached to what I’m willing to                do? (can’t

       Am I in the best shape physically to achieve this goal?           (health)

        Am I living in the best place to achieve my goal?                      (Actor)

      Have I let go or detached enough energetically, psychologically, and physically from all those people who might want to stop me from achieving my goal?  (Families have a way of keeping you attached to their drama.)

If you answered NO to any of these questions, that is an indication of an obstacle that you need to look at or… you may need to reassess your goal.  You might not want it as much as you think you do.  With that awareness comes power.  You know you are really getting what you want.  Use your power to choose again when you are ready.

For example, if you want to change careers and you know that will take some further education and you are not willing to do that right now, then this one will have to wait.   

Resolve right now that whatever the fear or doubt that is in your way, you are letting go of it NOW. Trust in the Universe to bring you what you want.

If you get stuck with this, learn more about energy dynamics. Go within and use your right to rewrite your original blueprint that you designed in the first place. Go back to the drawing board.  Again use Debra’s book.  She has many wonderful exercises to help you get clear.


10.        Giving back in Gratitude.

Gratitude is probably the highest energy you can run, next to laughter and lightheartedness.  It puts you directly in the present moment.  It reminds us that the present is all there is.  In the present everything is perfect.

Write what you would do to give back in gratitude.

Examples of giving back could be; Be a role model and support to other women who want to get healthy and fit. Donate a percentage of your money to a worthy cause, volunteer your time or make a contribution in the area of your goal so that you can meet people, learn and help others.  You could simply radiate love and self-acceptance by Being the thing you desired to bring into your life.  It’s up to you how that might look. (My example)

  With practice you’ll become a pro at defining goals and manifesting them.  Anytime you appreciate your past successes with manifesting, it become easier to use the Law of Attraction.


 III.  In Closing

Thank you for giving this your attention.  My desire is that this has helped to empower you in your Conscious Manifesting. 

So I’ll leave you with this; The Universe is always supporting us. There is no goal too large or too small for the Universe to handle. Universal Law works for everyone impartially.  Drop the old small dream of yourself and Dream Big. and open your heart so a new dream can be born.  Manifest from the point of now, by staying present.  Become the love of your life.  Do dwell on the things you love about yourself.  Believe in the magic is believe in yourself.    You’ve got this.  You’ve been doing this all your life.  Go ahead.  Create your own masterpiece!

And so it is.