Clairvoyant Psychic and Mediumship Readings

As a psychic, I will connect to your unique energy signature to give you information during your reading.  Clairvoyant psychic reading communication focuses on the visual images and symbols that are related to you, your current life circumstances  and life paths.  Images will come in the form of flashes of photos or mini movies depicting an event, memory, the faces of people, pets or places.  Symbols are shorthand for spirit that can be literal or figurative and will have meaning  to you.   Other psychic "clair" senses, that involve knowing, hearing or feeling also come so that a total reading experience is enjoyed.  Types of readings you may want to consider are Soul Path readings, Relationship readings, Health, Career and Money readings.  Questions are welcome.

Mediumship readings happen in a variety of different ways.  Loved ones, your Angels and Guides present themselves as if they are  sitting beside me talking to us in pictures or thought forms  or they speak directly through me when I allow them access to my energy field.  Your loved ones will give you messages of Love and let you know they are safe and well in Spirit.  Your Angels and guides may want to give you healing and instructions about how to connect with them in more meaningful ways.  They will answer any questions you ask.